Primepoint Holds Tenth Annual Shareholders' Meeting

May 15th, 2011 - Primepoint employees and shareholders came together for their tenth annual shareholders' meeting. In the past Primepoint had utilized local catering venues to host its shareholders' meeting. However, this year the company took advantage of its new office facility in Mt. Holly, NJ. Primepoint moved into its new facility in November of 2010. 

Shareholders were able to see firsthand just how effective Primepoint's new office has been at improving work-efficiency, as well as providing space for future expansion of the company's various departments. In addition to a "through the building walking presentation" of business operations, shareholders were given an overview of Primepoint's technology advancements by David Bothwell, CTO and they were given an overview of company's continued sales and profit growth by Alex Bothwell, CEO.

In keeping with the company's overall culture the shareholders' meeting was a lot like a family get-together that also succeeded at accomplishing the business goals that are needed.