Reason 1
We have far more reasons than our competitors
Reason 3
We’ve got the best people and...
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Reason 5
We partner with you
Reason 6
Our solutions are always evolving
Reason 7
Efficiency is our specialty
Reason 8
With us, you’re a person, not a case number
Reason 9
We’re not your rep, we’re your teammate
Reason 10
You have a dedicated service team
Reason 11
We dislike voicemail as much as you do
Reason 15
Our phone system instructs customers to press #1 for a reason – they are #1!
Reason 16
And you speak to a person, not a machine
Reason 17
Our dedicated “Start-up” team supports your transition
Reason 18
We constantly strive to be better
Reason 19
We take pride in our work
Reason 20
We value our family
Reason 21
Our services generally cost less than our competitors'
Reason 22
We invest in our employees
Reason 24
Our technology was developed by us
Reason 25
We consider what we do to be solutions, not just services
Reason 26
Our goal is to exceed expectations
Reason 27
We excel when faced with complexities
Reason 28
We have fun
Reason 29
We advance our system every week
Reason 30
Data security is critical to us
Reason 31
Our efficiencies save you time and money
Reason 32
We provide prompt answers and prompt results
Reason 33
We care about you
Reason 34
We care about your employees
Reason 35
We invest in our community
Reason 36
Working hard and working smart is essential to us
Reason 37
Our staff turnover is very low
Reason 38
You rarely wait on hold
Reason 39
We know you by name
Reason 40
We enjoy serving you
Reason 41
Payroll is more straightforward and efficient with us
Reason 42
We make managing human resources easier
Reason 43
Smart growth is preferred over rapid growth
Reason 44
We listen to your needs
Reason 45
It is important to us that your transition to our services is painless
Reason 46
Our technology is integrated for a seamless process
Reason 47
We use advanced encryption
Reason 49
We set high standards for ourselves
Reason 51
We take pride in our core values
Reason 52
We keep things as simple as possible
Reason 53
Our system is updated to meet government regulation quickly
Reason 55
Your state and federal payroll taxes are completely managed by us
Reason 56
Our system allows you to break down payroll to an unlimited number of allocations
Reason 57
We engage with our clients
Reason 58
Our staff has a true team spirit
Reason 10
We honor our commitments
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Reason 60
Your employees receive technical support provided by us
Reason 62
We’re creative and innovative
Reason 3
We share our resources
Reason 64
Benefit open enrollment is simpler with us
Reason 65
Communicating with your employees is easier with us
Reason 66
Our customer satisfaction is very high
Reason 67
We create a supportive environment for our clients and staff
Reason 69
We are professional and prompt
Reason 70
We are familiar with your account and your specific needs
Reason 71
We make managing ACA easier
Reason 72
Our solutions are tailored to meet the needs of our clients
Reason 73
We don’t leave you hanging
Reason 74
Your feedback is important to us
Reason 75
Our customer retention is 93% – well above industry standards
Reason 77
We’re known for our superior customer service
Reason 79
Our #1 source of new business leads are customer referrals
Reason 80
We advance our technology with customer help and input
Reason 81
We exhibit honesty and integrity
Reason 82
We have advanced scheduling solutions
Reason 83
We have a high level of responsiveness
Reason 84
We love what we do
Reason 85
Tracking time and attendance is more efficient with us
Reason 86
We offer a significant number of reports with no additional fees
Reason 88
We have very strong default security levels
Reason 89
Customers may choose to increase their security levels
Reason 91
We have the solutions of the major payroll companies with the service of the small companies
Reason 92
Unlimited and flexible pay rates are offered at the business and employee level
Reason 93
We like to say “thank you”
Reason 94
Our descriptive pay stubs reduce employee questions
Reason 95
System dashboards make payroll and HR management easier
Reason 96
Role based security makes delegating payroll and HR responsibilities less complicated
Reason 97
We make tracking paid-time-off simpler
Reason 98
Questions are encouraged
Reason 100
You can provide read-only access to your outside accounting firm with our system
Reason 101
Developing our own technology means we can update it as desired
Reason 102
It’s easy to be completely paperless in payroll and human resources
Reason 103
Our system can be used to pay your sub-contractors
Reason 104
W-2, 1099, 1094C, and 1095C forms are issued from our system
Reason 105
Easily pay different groups of employees on separate pay schedules through our solutions
Reason 106
You can create a systematic export and import of payroll information for G/L entries
Reason 107
We offer a very inexpensive labor law poster automatic update program
Reason 108
We are ready to provide a cost analysis to show-off our lower fees
Reason 109
Modular systems enable you to purchase only what you need
Reason 110
We’re “right-sized”: small enough to provide acute support and large enough to handle your various complexities
Reason 111
You can take advantage of “pay-as-you-go” workers’ comp
Reason 112
We’re bonded up to 5 million dollars per incident
Reason 113
Our sales team members are trained to find solutions for your unique situation
Reason 114
Our sales team does not exaggerate our capabilities
Reason 115
We’re a complete SaaS service, with an emphasis on service
Reason 116
If you have challenges, we have solutions
Reason 117
Our HR and payroll solutions allow you and your employees to be paperless
Reason 118
Existing customers have not been given a payroll processing fee increase – ever!
Reason 119
We make scheduling employees easier
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