Primepoint is a Small Business
Payroll Processing Expert Offering...

Full State & Federal Payroll Tax Service

Dedicated Payroll Processing Service Team Assigned to Your Account

Direct Deposit & Paperless Option to Eliminate Delivery Fees

Time & Attendance Software & Hardware


  • Our fees are generally less expensive than our competitors.  Just ask us for a direct cost comparison with your current provider.
  • You'll save time because our technology will enable you to quickly process payroll from any computer... anywhere... anytime!
  • Free EmployeeXperience® Self-service web portal


  • Our experienced "Startup Team" will transition your payroll  processing to our systems with a minimum of time and effort on your part.
  • Once the setup process is complete, one of our 3 person processing teams will be permanently assigned to you.  You'll get to know the team members, and they'll know you.
  • Process payroll online with our Business Access (BA) online portal.
    • Take advantage of the cloud & process payroll anytime from anywhere
    • No Special Software to Install
    • Receive Support From Your Dedicated Payroll Processing Service Team
    • Manage Your Payroll Data and Employee Profile Information
    • Calculate and Submit Payroll Figures
    • Access Payroll Reports, Check Stubs, and Tax Forms
    • Track Benefit Time Off (PTO, Vacation, Sick, etc.)
    • View and Print Your Historical Payroll and Tax Data
    • Provide Read-only Direct Access to Your Accountant


  • Our specialty... Solutions engineered, complexities simplified, technologies integrated, and the simple kept simple and easy!
  • Any size business can take advantage of our time & attendance software/hardware, which is fully integrated with the payroll system enabling quick and easy payroll processing.


  • Our number one source of new business is our customers who refer us to other businesses.
  • New Customer Satisfaction Survey Results:
    • Very Satisfied:  73.8%
    • Satisfied:  23.5%
    • Somewhat Satisfied:  2.7%
    • Not Satisfied:  0%