Whether Your Company Has 1 Employee or Thousands...

whether the people you pay are hourly, salaried, independent sub-contractors, or a combination of all the above... whether your employees are paid weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, or any combination of pay frequencies, Primepoint offers the services you need to make payroll processing and payroll taxes easy, fast, and accurate.

Small Business Services: 1-50 Employees

Most small businesses need and want the right blend of technology and personalized customer service. Primepoint has many years of experience providing payroll services to small businesses and offers those businesses dedicated service teams and technology that makes processing payroll faster and easier.  
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Large Business Services: 50 - 10,000+ Employees

As businesses grow their payroll processing needs can become complex and time consuming.  Primepoint's team will create customized solutions that streamline complex processes to create efficiencies.  
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