Key Things to Consider When Thinking About Background Screening Applicants and Employees 
  • Here are 6 facts that support conducting Background Screening (including Criminal/Civil checks and Drug Screening) on the entire workforce:
    1. More than 40% of all employment applications contain misrepresentations. 
    2. More than 30% of all business failures are caused by employee theft.
    3. More than 79% of all negligent hiring cases are settled against the employer.
    4. 1 in 14 employees in the US use illegal drugs.
    5. Drug abuse costs employers $81 billion annually.
    6. Interns, Seasonal Workers, Contractors, and Volunteers increasingly do the work of full-time employees and are the face of the organization to customers and constituents.
  • Safe Hiring Practices that incorporate Background Screening on the entire workforce benefits the bottom line, here are 10 specific reasons to do so:
    1. Complement internal HR policies, processes and personnel.
    2. Verify application information.
    3. Increase applicant quality.
    4. Limit legal exposure for negligent hiring and retention.
    5. Reduce the risk of theft and embezzlement.
    6. Increase workplace harmony and decrease violence or abusiveness.
    7. Check for potential discipline problems.
    8. Discover potential alcohol/drug problems that can be managed with advance notice.
    9. Decrease insurance costs.
    10. Discourage applicants who have something to hide.
  • Here are 5 common pitfalls to avoid when conducting Criminal/Civil Background Checks
    1. Performing checks based on mistaken or incomplete identity.
    2. Not investigating the right level of jurisdiction for the most accurate information.
    3. Not understanding the meaning and significance of adverse reports.
    4. Not complying with legal limitations imposed by overlapping jurisdictions.
    5. Not complying with FCRA and EEOC in performing screens and responding to results.
  • Performing background screening internally is an option that is less than effective for most organizations, so here are 5 important things to look for in a Background Screening Solution:
    1. With the multitude of options, sources, and terminology, implementing effective background screening can be more challenging than it first seems. Performing the wrong searches can create higher risk than not performing searches at all.   Look for a service that combines an all-inclusive level of background screening with the professional consulting support needed to keep your screening costs down and ensure that the quality of the results is exceptionally high.
    2. Compliance and due-diligence standards are both demanding and increasingly verticalized. Look for a solution that facilitates full compliance with EEOC, FCRA, and state/local regulations, and that stands up to due diligence expectations in the courts of law and public opinion.  Rely on a service that stays on top of changing regulations and standards and that provides advice and support that is both timely and comprehensive.
    3. Recruiting, hiring, and on-boarding demand your full attention. Paper-based search processes are tedious and more prone to errors and omissions.  Look for a solution that seamlessly complements your current staff and processes, and that is easy to learn and quick to use.  Optimally, services that embrace electronic communications and digital reporting save time, money, and decrease the risk of non-compliance in terms of records management. Your best screening service options will provide FCRA compliant adverse action templates for your easy use.
    4. Find a service that can integrate with your human resource management system, which will enable you to enter data once, into one system, to initiate and manage the pre-employment screening process.
    5. Whether your needs evolve from business growth or changes in regulations, it is worthwhile to find a screening service that fits your criteria today and that can expand as your requirements do in the future.
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