Labor Management
Your time & attendance system needs to do more than just keep track of hours worked by your employees.  Primepoint’s system will provide you a wealth of information to help you manage you workforce and your business.

Company Dashboards

  • Dashboards highlight key workforce data to enable management to respond quickly as issues develop.

Paid Time Off Request Tool

  • This tool offers two way communication between employees and their supervisors to facilitate a controlled process for requesting and approving paid-time-off.  Includes a company-wide calendar indicating when employees are scheduled to take paid time off.

Paid Time Off Accruals

  • Accurately track and manage multiple types of accruals ensuring that company paid-time-off polices are followed.

Job Costing

  • Manage the cost of multiple jobs, products, or projects across multiple locations, departments, and tasks, etc.

Points Tracking System

  • This system enables management to identify positive and/or negative attendance trends.

Backup Managers

  • This tool enables temporary managers to be assigned to manage attendance when necessary.

Notification Module

  • This module enables the custom configuration of automatic emails to be sent to notify individuals of various events, reminders, alerts, etc.

Exception Tracking

  • This tracking system creates a color-coded report to track lateness and other infractions.