Time Collection Options


With our cloud based software your employees will be able to access the system using a computer, tablet, smart phone or landline phone to punch in and out, as well as request time off.



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As a state-of-the-art solution on your iPad, NoahFace works in less than the second it takes for a user to look at the mounted iPad, which authenticates them and records a clocking event that is automatically fed up to the time system. Best of all, NoahFace’s authentication algorithms eliminate “Buddy Punching”, saving your business real money. (Brochure PDF)  


Time Collection Hardware Devices


Several different options are available (as shown below) for businesses that need to have employees punch in and out using a time clock.


DX Straight BadgeTap

UKG InTouch DX (Brochure PDF)

An innovative timeclock designed for the future of work. It provides the ease of use and personalization today’s employees expect, while harnessing built-in intelligence to surface important issues and present relevant actions in context for more efficient interactions.  Combining advanced functionality with operational simplicity, the game-changing UKG InTouch DX redefines what’s possible from a timeclock, helping you manage and engage your workforce like never before.


ZK ULTIMA 200 Facial Thermal Readers

ZK ULTIMA 200 Facial/Thermal Readers (Brochure PDF)

Biometric identification of registered users in less than one second with remote body temperature detection.  Multi-dimensional facial recognition technology with intelligent algorithm which self-adjusts templates with any feature changes in the user’s appearance.  Adapts to low light environments.  Accomodates up to 6000 users.



ZKTeco F305 (Brochure PDF)

The F305 is a facial recognition terminal with an integrated Prox card reader intended for use within any solution that requires Data Collection with facial verification. End users will benefit from its ease-of-use and fast recognition speed.


Synel SYnergy A Time Clock

SYNEL SYnergy/A (Brochure PDF)

Provide employees a secure method for clocking in/out for shifts/breaks, while eliminating buddy punching. This device identifies each employee by fingerprint and can also perform job transfers, collect tip info, etc.  Verification options, such as badge or PIN, can be added to increase security. The terminal is wall mountable, and accommodates 10k employees.  Includes four user-programmable function keys plus in/out keys. Updates and patches can be applied remotely. Completely encrypted communications.




S301 ZK Technology RFID or HID Proximity Card Time & Attendance Terminal (Brochure PDF)

Features a 3" TFT color display that can show more information vividly, including verification result and other information you may wish to display. It has built-In Serial and Eternet ports. It also has Multi-language support, Audio/Visual indications for acceptance and rejection of valid/invalid transactions, as well as feedback with voice prompts. Its function keys let you select the IN or OUT status of your punches.


desk phone text


The Asher Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is an alternative to the standard time clock, allowing employees to communicate labor information and enter time and attendance information using the keypad on a touch-tone telephone or mobile phone. This can be especially beneficial for businesses with offsite employees. It can be as simple as calling in and an automatic punch happens, or can be used as an in-depth, customizable solution that is configured to your specific business processes.

  • Specified access helps prevent fraudulent punches
  • PIN-based security eliminates the need for badges
  • Multilanguage support
  • Customizable call menus provide high-performance access to employees even at peak times
  • Local or 1-800 numbers available

Telephony/IVR Solution

    • 5,000 EE user capacity
    • 10-level job costing
    • Extra pay
    • Outdoor use
    • In/out prompt
    • Piecework