Recruitment Management



Managing all the tasks associated with recruitment can be difficult.  Utilizing Primepoint's Recruitment Management & Applicant Tracking tool will help with all the tasks from creating a job opening, to creating the online application and collecting, organizing, and managing the applications, letters, resumes, and miscellaneous documents required. 

The tool will also enable you to automate many aspects of the review process.  For example, rules can be customized to filter applicants based on your criteria.  Searches can be performed to identify applicants previously rejected or employed by the company.  Folder structures can be customized to your needs to simplify ongoing information management and archival storage. 

Once a person is considered a candidate, their information can be automatically passed along into the candidate part of the system, from which a hired individual's data can be automatically passed into the payroll processing, time & attendance, and basic HR system.

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